Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Find answers to your questions about service and warranty options for your Intel® branded products

Check your warranty coverage

Follow the steps below to verify and request warranty support for your products. Intel® products sold as part of a computer system are covered by the system manufacturer.​ Contact your system manufacturer or place of purchase for information about your warranty options.
Pemrosesan jaminan untuk Intel® NAND Solid State Drive telah berubah. Pelanggan tidak lagi dapat menggabungkan NAND Solid State Drive dengan produk Intel lainnya pada pengembalian yang sama. Baca lebih lanjut.

Before requesting warranty service

Processor Warranty How-To Guide

Watch this video to learn about the processor warranty options available from Intel.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

View and download the appropriate warranty for your Intel® products.

Warranty Support Links

Access warranty information for your Intel® branded products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review the top questions and answers from Intel support.

Online Warranty and Support for Intel® Partner Alliance

Find answers to your membership, technical support, and warranty replacement questions (Sign-in required).

Troubleshooting Tips

Find top troubleshooting information for processors, graphics, networking, and more.

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