Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Find answers to your questions about service and warranty options for your Intel® branded products

Check your warranty coverage

Follow the steps below to verify and request warranty support for your products. Intel® products sold as part of a computer system are covered by the system manufacturer.​ Contact your system manufacturer or place of purchase for information about your warranty options.
Quy trình xử lý bảo hành cho Ổ đĩa thể rắn Intel® NAND đã thay đổi. Khách hàng không còn có thể kết hợp Ổ đĩa thể rắn NAND với bất kỳ sản phẩm Intel nào khác trong cùng một lần trả hàng. Đọc thêm.

Before requesting warranty service

Processor Warranty How-To Guide

Watch this video to learn about the processor warranty options available from Intel.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

View and download the appropriate warranty for your Intel® products.

Warranty Support Links

Access warranty information for your Intel® branded products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review the top questions and answers from Intel support.

Online Warranty and Support for Intel® Partner Alliance

Find answers to your membership, technical support, and warranty replacement questions (Sign-in required).

Troubleshooting Tips

Find top troubleshooting information for processors, graphics, networking, and more.

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